You have a Twitter account right?


  • Because everyone has one?
  • Because you wanted to see what all of the fuss was about?
  • Because you wanted to stalk someone and see what they are tweeting about?

If you don’t have a Twitter account, you might want to start one.

Either way, you must be interested in Twitter because you are still reading this.

What can you do with a Twitter account?

  1. Find a new career/job
  2. Learn about something
  3. Follow a TV show or Movie
  4. Promote your business
  5. Connect with a business
  6. Find people with common interests
  7. Show off your knowledge
  8. See what others are Tweeting
  9. Keeping up with the NEWS
  10. Follow sport teams and/or celebrities

Are you having trouble with the basics of using Twitter? Do you need to know how to:

  • tweet
  • reply to Someone
  • find followers

What do YOU need to know? Email me

Next week we will answer your questions here.