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Tessa did great in her dressing change bath today!! She has less bandages on too, and the only reason they left her back and upper arm bandages on is because they didn’t want it sticking to the bed. They also turned her feedings off for the day and will only run during the night now so hopefully that will clear up her belly issues and maybe want to start eating food again. That was a hard convince to get them compromise with us and turn the feedings off but in the end it worked in our favor. She is resting comfortably and even splashed us in the tub today. She will now take bathes everyday and they will be less and less sedated. She is happy to do them now that the fear of the unknown bathtub is over. Her pain meds are not on continuously anymore, so it’s only as needed. They want her off all of that before she gets moved to the next floor for therapy which they want to do next week. She did take a pain med today by mouth to show them she can do it. We are so close to getting all the wires removed from her and can move on to the next step in our journey!

The #TEAMTESSA 5K Walk/Run is coming up on April 29th