By Julie D’Aloiso

It was a dark and stormy Friday the 13th in Mayfield. It was the first away game for the Nordonia football team. The game was stopped just before half time because of lightening. The score at that time was Mayfield 27 – Nordonia 0. The game resumed on Saturday night at 5:00pm. They had to play early because there was no power at the Mayfield stadium. So the game was played with no scoreboard, no announcer. The final score was Mayfield 43 – Nordonia 23.

Here is the scoring breakdown.

Here are the division standings:

Source MaxPreps. More info here:,oh)/football/home.htm

This Friday the Knights play in Twinsburg.
Macedonia Mayor Molnar and Twinsburg Mayor Yates once again have a gentleman’s bet for the game. The loser will have to wear the opponents jersey for a day.
This was the outcome last year: