By Victor Milani

At the Northfield Village Council meeting on Wednesday night (4-10). Beginning with the opening remonstrance comments from former Councilman JC Sullivan, to the ending diatribe between Mayor Nehez, Councilman Keith Czerr and Councilperson Jennifer Domzalski, all wanted their opinions to be known. Sullivan questioned why only one road (Cranbrook) as well as Ledge Rd was completed in back of the Plaza, and the work shifted over to the Presidential Estates. Village Engineer Rich Wasosky stated the terrible conditions of the Presidential streets mandated them as a higher priority, thus the change of plans. Sullivan also questioned with the school levy on the ballot, why did the Mayor and Council feel the need to ask for raises (the Mayor $5,000 more and hospitalization coverage as well as Council’s request for additional $100 per month. Sullivan pointed out these are all part time positions and the requests are ludicrous. Councilperson Domzalski stated that the Mayor did not request the raises, that this was a consensus of the majority of  council (this legislation currently stands on second reading, and has not passed yet). These raises will not take effect until 2020 and is for those who are elected or re-elected in that year, not immediately. Mayor Nehez commented that no where in the charter does it designate the mayors position as full or part time.

The approval of the minutes, usually mundane in nature, led to a verbal jousting between Councilman Czerr and Council President Nick Magistrelli. Czerr wanted to clarify that the minutes from last meeting should be adjusted to clarify a comment from Magistrelli about the Glenwillow budget being $18 million dollars. Czerr contacted Glenwillow and reported they stated the budget was $3.6 million dollars, and he wanted the minutes to reflect the erroneous figure Magistrelli reported. Magistrelli began to apologize for the budget error number, but was interrupted during his comments by Czerr, which led to heated dialogue between the two. Czerr was accused of grandstanding, as he is allegedly a mayoral candidate in the next election. The minutes were finally approved with the change made.

Czerr also mentioned that he has received nothing but “lip service” “from Mayor Nehez” on his beautification projects. Mayor Nehez retorted the Village has encumbered over $3 million dollars in projects from Ledge Rd, Houghton Road, Cranbrook as well skim coating 10 roads. New signage coming into town, and 14 hanging baskets on the telephone polls are also on the list. Mayor Nehez also pointed out that Czerr voted against the weed ordinance.

The Fire Department asked for permission to begin to advertise for candidates for the Fire Station expansion project. This was approved unanimously. Service Department  Director Jason Walters came in with his list of items and machinery for this years numerous projects projects. This list can be seen and heard as can Village Engineer Rich Wasosky’s report (click here for Rich’s printed version).

In old business Councilor Domzalski pointed out the Councilor Gary Vojtush initiated the request for the parking lot  for the playground at Elm and Heights ($46,000) a few years ago. She also stated that Finance Director Tricia Ingrassia should receive credit for asking for a 5 year plan for projects and purchases.  Mayor Nehez agreed.

The Easter Bunny will be traveling Northfield via the Fire Truck this Saturday beginning west (10-12) and then east (1-3). There will be an Easter Egg Hunt beginning at 4 pm Saturday at Smith Park.

Click here for agenda.