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By Julie D’Aloiso

I attended the Values Matter: 23rd Annual Rescuer of Humanity Awards Dinner the other night at Landerhaven and was inspired by the award winners and speakers and even the attendance of 700 people! They raised over a half a million dollars. More info on the event here:

I would like to start a monthly program here in the Nordonia area to promote and encourage kindness, caring and respect.

This is bigger than Nordonia Hills News. I would like to partner with other businesses in the area to help promote this program.

What are we going to do?

  • Accept nominations from the community for people that show kindness, caring and respect to others.
  • Award the winner (or winners), restaurant gift cards and/or other wonderful things!

What would we like the partners to do?

  • Promote the program
  • Help us decide on the rules and assist in picking the winner(s)
  • Provide the gift cards and/or wonderful things

Contact me at 216-534-7467 or email