4 Great Tips for Small Business Advertising

If you run a small business in a small town, you still need to advertise. Publicity isn’t always about nationwide television campaigns and full-page spreads in major newspapers. It can happen on a much smaller scale while giving you great results. Even if you’re the only person who does what you do in your town, people need to know that! Here are four great tips for small business advertising to get you started. As your business improves, expand your reach to keep the customers coming!

Print Remains Popular

Despite what you may have heard, print isn’t dead. In fact, posters, flyers, and the like work incredibly well, depending on presentation and placement. Don’t worry about mounting a billboard campaign across several states. Commission a designer to create posters advertising your goods, services, location, and contact information. Then, check with a nearby printing company to see if they offer large-format printing for business marketing. Large-format printing is affordable and can produce high-quality posters that you can set up in public spaces and other areas frequented by potential customers.

Get on Social Media

Nowadays, everyone is on social media. They frequently check Facebook and other platforms for business suggestions. When they do a search, you don’t want them to go to a competitor in the next town over. Represent your business on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and any other platforms that seem relevant to your clientele. Also, post regularly. It’s easy to create quick announcements about upcoming events, sales, and discounts at least twice a week. It also keeps your pages active to search engines and potential customers.

Collect Contact Information

Whenever you make a sale, ask your customer for their contact information, particularly their email address. That way, you can send out periodic announcements and advertisements, alerting them to what’s happening with your business.

Email isn’t just for distant customers. Local folks want to know what you’re up to and what you offer. Newsletters provide information in an entertaining format, so draft one once a month to fill in your clients while adding coupons, discounts, and other enticements to read.

Reward Loyalty

Another great tip for small business advertising is to create a loyalty program and keep people coming back for repeat business. Treat your long-time customers well, and reward them with deals. Punch cards are popular participative techniques that give customers a freebie or discount once they’ve received their nth punch. Loyalty cards also make customers feel like VIPs and make you seem like the better choice over big box stores and national merchants. Treat customers like family, and they’ll feel more at home with your business.

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