A Concrete Idea: Decorating With Micro Cement

Micro cement coating has become a popular option for both indoor and outdoor walls, floors and ceilings due to the many advantages it offers. What are some of these advantages? To start, micro cement is a smart choice for bathrooms and kitchens as it provides a hygienic and stain-free surface. The material is slip-proof and mold free, which makes it a smart choice for shower floors as well. Because it is a good conductor of heat, many choose to install micro cement over underfloor heating.

Micro cement adheres well to the top surface of many renovation projects without creating any waste. This includes tile, wood, plaster, marble and ceramic surfaces. Another feature in its favor is that it is lightweight and will not impact the structural integrity of the home. Micro cement is exceptionally durable and will stand the test of time. It can stand up to knocks, scratches, sunlight and even high-traffic areas of any home.

How does it work?

There are three different micro cement thicknesses of texture (fine, medium and thick), each providing its own unique visual aesthetic. The fine texture offers a coat that is smooth to the touch and appears as an elegant finish. The modern, clean appearance of the medium texture is the best choice for floors. The thick texture gives off a rustic vibe, especially if it is used in combination with wood finishes such as beams and moldings.

Embossed micro cement walls create unique three-dimensional effects. This is accomplished by stamping geometric patterns directly on the surface. One of the most popular finishes is a polished finish usually applied to floors. Brushed micro cement gives a more textured appearance, while painting micro cement will give your bathroom or kitchen an entirely fresh look.

Choose from the finishes

In addition to texture, micro cement is also available in three finishes: matte, satin and gloss.

A matte finish has a natural look that can slightly dull a color tone. Satin, the most popular choice, sits right in the middle between matte and gloss finishes. Satin gives a modern look to the surface. Gloss makes the color appear more vibrant with a marble effect. Because micro cement is a porous material, it will need to be protected with a sealant. The sealant will affect the appearance of the surface in concert with the other factors of finish, texture and color selected.

As one of the smallest rooms in the house, a bathroom can benefit from micro cement, which gives it an atmosphere of spaciousness that can be further enhanced with light, bright colors on the walls and floors. If there is natural light in the room, micro cement will reflect the light and emit a warm, luminescent aura. For this reason, white would be a sensible color scheme. Micro cement is also resistant to humidity and water vapor. Without the need to install joints where dirt can accumulate, seamless micro cement surfaces are easy to clean. If you are looking for a luxurious minimalist bathroom, look to micro cement for its clean, balanced and natural approach to design.

Micro cement elegantly provides a bold statement to any room in your home while radiating the sensation of contemporary spaciousness. Contact us for more ideas on how to use this sophisticated material to elevate the style of your home.

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