Best Sandblasting Media Options for Different Surfaces

Sandblasting is an amazing technique for cleaning surfaces, stripping paint, removing rust, and performing other finishing tasks around the home. But that’s not all it can do. In fact, sandblasting is a misnomer. The more general term for the process is abrasive blasting, meaning high-pressured application of substances to various surfaces for the purpose of cleaning, smoothening, etching, and more. You have a wide selection of abrasive materials to choose from, and one is probably perfect for the household refinishing job you have in mind. To help you find the perfect substance, here are the best sandblasting media options for different surfaces.

Silica Sand

The sandy standard for sandblasting! Silica sand has been used more often for far longer than any other abrasive blasting substance. It’s terrific for wiping out and wiping away rust, dirt, paint, and corrosion from outside and inside metal surfaces and preparing them for new coatings.

A Warning

Without proper protection, silica sand might cause health issues, especially to the respiratory system. Because of this, it’s used more infrequently these days.

Glass Beads

Glass beads? Yes, glass beads! This medium delivers a smooth and bright finish when applied to stainless steel, aluminum, and other non-iron metals. The beads are excellent for deburring, cleaning, and peening the surfaces mentioned above, delivering a perfectly precise finish and adding shine to aluminum objects.

Aluminum Oxide

One of the big benefits of aluminum oxide is that it can be collected and reused afterward, saving on the cost of materials. Highly durable and harder than other abrasive blasting media, aluminum oxide tackles tough coatings and rust that won’t easily come off steel, iron, and other hard metals. Size matters when it comes to abrasive media, so aluminum oxide offers different grit sizes for every job, from finishing to surface prep.

Steel Grit

Need to clean or etch a steely surface? Treat steel with steel when it comes to heavy-duty clean-up jobs like extra tough coatings, heavy rust, and scale, that white substance that builds up around wherever water is dispensed or pools. Steel grit has a rough texture and angular shape, which comes in handy while prepping a surface for future coating adhesion.

Walnut Shells

Not all abrasive media are metal or mineral. Walnut shells, broken down so they can be delivered with a high-pressure sandblasting device, are ideal for the gentle cleaning of surfaces that can’t take as much battering as steel, iron, and the like. Plastic, wood, fiberglass, and other more delicate surfaces benefit from the gentle yet effective treatment from walnut shells. The shells can remove paint and similar coatings without causing warping, etching, or other damage. Plus, walnut shells have the eco-friendly benefit of being biodegradable!

Those are just a few of the best sandblasting media options for different surfaces. Thinking it always involves sand is just one of the many misconceptions about sandblasting. If you have further questions or want the job done perfectly, consult with a sandblasting professional about the ways sandblasting can beautify, maintain, and sustain your home.

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