Chapter 10: Shadows of Suspicion: Unraveling Jeff’s Secrets

This is the tenth chapter in our fictitious story called Secrets Under The Sizzle set in Treeville Ohio. Did you miss the previous chapters? You can find them here.

Ellen, reporting live from the Steak Place for Treeville News, where the Treeville Police Department is currently investigating the kitchen area. Ellen reports: “The reasons behind this investigation remain unclear. It all began when a body resurfaced due to an earthquake several days ago. Yesterday, the police implicated Bob, Taylor’s husband, based on evidence from the initial incident. Taylor and her sister co-own the Steak Place. They took it over 6 years ago from their father Paul. It is uncertain at this time, if and when the restaurant will open.”

Upon Bob’s apprehension, he swiftly disavowed any connection to the murders, asserting that his role was limited to assisting with the handling of the bodies. When pressed by the police to clarify the term “bodies” (as they were only aware of the one in the lake at that point), Bob then disclosed information about a body buried in the kitchen floor five years prior. He maintained that, in both instances, the individuals were already deceased, and he was unaware of the circumstances surrounding their deaths.

The police warned him that even if his account was accurate, and he neither committed nor witnessed the murders, he remained in significant legal jeopardy. They strongly advised him to contact his lawyer promptly.

The sisters, now in another part of the restaurant, are visibly distraught and questioning how their husbands could be linked to such actions. They grapple with the shock of not knowing about these dark secrets and witness their beloved restaurant being torn apart. It is a good thing their father was not here to see all of this.

As they confront the reality of the situation, the sisters are left wondering about the next steps to take amidst the upheaval surrounding their lives and the once-cherished establishment.

Credit goes to the vigilant eyewitness who provided information about Jeff’s whereabouts. This tip led to the apprehension of Jeff in a neighboring town, carrying a duffle bag filled with cash and two unfamiliar cell phones. Intriguingly, it appears that Jeff has a disturbing habit of keeping the phones of those he claims to have “accidentally killed.” The question arises: can these incidents truly be classified as accidents, as Bob insists?

Adding to the unfolding narrative, Bob informed the police that Jeff struggled with a significant gambling problem, accruing a debt of at least $400,000.

As it happens, the eyewitness was none other than Bob’s ‘girlfriend.’ Suspecting something amiss, she trailed Bob one night after he hastily left. This particular evening coincided with Bob being summoned by Jeff to assist with the disposal of Marco’s body. Intrigued and concerned, she discreetly observed from across the street in the shadows. To her astonishment, she witnessed them loading what appeared to be a body, wrapped in some cloth material, into Bob’s truck.

The coroner’s findings have been received regarding the body discovered at Turtle Pond. Confirming the identity, it has been determined that the deceased individual is indeed Marco, the sous chef from The Steak Place.

Meanwhile, during the investigation involving the excavation of the restaurant floor, the body of the William Masters, (better known as Butch) the executive chef missing for five years, was discovered. In a peculiar turn of events, as Butch’s remains were brought to light, Paul, the sisters’ father, suddenly snapped to attention in his retirement facility. He called out Butch’s name before suddenly returning to his trance-like state. Paul had hired Executive Chef William Masters, many years ago.

In police custody, Jeff reflects on the path that led him to this moment. If only he hadn’t been so careless, causing his twin, Jerry, to fall near the train trestle while showing off. The weight of guilt consumes him, and not a day passes without thoughts of Jerry and what might have been for him. Jeff wonders if his actions have irreversibly altered the course of his life.

Compounding matters, he has implicated Bob in the ordeal, assuring him that their secret would remain buried. However, Jeff grapples with the question of whether, deep down, he wanted to be caught. Was there a subconscious desire for punishment stemming from the tragic accident involving his brother?

Unaware of the unfolding turmoil in her husband Jeff’s life, Marsha is about to discover not only his involvement in a grave incident but also the shocking revelation of his gambling-induced debt. The revelation will undoubtedly shatter the facade of their seemingly normal existence.

To be continued …. one more chapter to go!

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.



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