Freedom Range Academy Plans Approved for Summit Plaza in Northfield Village

1. From the Wednesday, October 19, 2022 Village of Northfield Planning Commission Agenda:

New Business
Freedom Range Academy at Summit Plaza – Proposed Freestanding Building. New
Plaza Management of 9425 Olde 8 Road, #2, Northfield, Ohio 44067 is seeking approval
for constructing an approximate 16,000 sq. ft. freestanding building at their existing
business, Summit Plaza, located at 10333 Northfield Road (PPN 41-02109). The
property, located on the East side of Northfield Road (SR-8), is located within the “B-1
Retail Business” Zoning District reflected on the most current version of the Village of
Northfield Zoning Map.

2. Some facts based upon the Planning Commission submittal:

Per Howard Shafron, Owner of New Plaza Management, an approximate 16,000
square foot freestanding building is being proposed on the Summit Plaza property.

A. The new business will serve as a modern, family-friendly indoor shooting
range (~8,200 square feet), retail space (~2,400 square feet), and classrooms
for an academy (~325 square feet).

B. Per the brief narrative provided by Howard Shafron found on the Planning
Commission Application, ,the following is a detailed explanation of the
proposed project and its features: “Our focus will be to introduce people to
shooting sports through the use of modern technology and training. We are
anticipating a sizable retail space to provide options for all of our customers’
needs. Our facility will have two state of the art classrooms where we will host
a wide range of instruction, including those related to firearms as well as
personal protection, home defense, medical/first aid and general situational
awareness. We will construct a bright, welcoming facility with a focus on
customer service and safety. Our goal is to become an essential part of the
overall community, providing an inclusive and secure destination to come
together in order to learn and have fun!”

The new freestanding building is being proposed along the South side of the Summit
Plaza property near the existing Goodwill storefront and the existing outlot building
where the Bin Treasures storefront is located.

3. Per Village Engineer Daniel J. Collins, storm water management calculations for the project will adhere to Sections 1250.01 and 1254.08 for the proposed approximate 40,909 square feet of project disturbance area. In general, post-developed storm water flow rates from the disturbed area will be improved by reducing existing pre-developed storm water flow rates by means of an underground storm water management facility located behind the proposed

4. The Planning Commission approved and recommended the Project to Village Council for
consideration of approval by a 4-0 vote. The Project will be on the October 26, 2022 Village
Council Meeting Agenda for approval consideration. UPDATE: On October 26, 2022, Village
Council approved the Project with contingencies (found in the meeting minutes) by a 6-0

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