“I am driven to push my limits” – Vinny Hack shared what drives him in college sports during an interview

Vinny Hack is a big deal at Nordonia High School; this is attributed to his performance based on his involvement in both baseball and football sports and his academic excellence. As he prepares to move on to college, he caught up with Joshua Okeke, a sports reporter for Nordonia Hills News, to talk about how his high school football experiences will play a crucial role in his next journey at Case Western Reserve University.

What really drives you as you start playing college football? How do you think your time at Nordonia High School will help you out in college?

“As I transition to college football, my main motivations revolve around continuing to grow as a player, contributing to the success of my team, and achieving my academic goals. One of my primary motivations is to compete at a higher level of competition and challenge myself to reach new heights athletically. I am driven to push my limits, refine my skills, and excel in my position on the field.” 

“I’m excited by the opportunity to represent my college and make meaningful contributions to the football program. I understand the importance of teamwork, dedication, and hard work in achieving success, and I am committed to embodying these values. Whether it’s through my performance on the field or just supporting my teammates, I aim to make a positive impact and help our team achieve its goals.” 

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“In terms of leveraging my experience from Nordonia High School, I plan to build upon the foundation of skills, knowledge, and work ethic that I developed during my time there. The lessons I learned from my coaches, teammates, and teachers have prepared me well for the challenges of college football. I am ready to adapt to the faster pace and higher intensity of college-level play and will focus on positively contributing to the team culture and dynamics.” 

“I’m also committed to academic excellence while balancing the demands of college football. The discipline, time management skills, and perseverance that I learned at Nordonia will serve me well as I navigate the academic rigor of college to excel both on and off the field.”

“I hope to help the team win PAC Championships” – Vinny Hack declares his College Goal

Photo by Jeff Garvas

In the interview, Vinny Hack shared his ambitions for his time at Case Western Reserve University, focusing on achievements in both sports and academics. He’s aiming for a college career that not only includes academic excellence but also brings home a trophy. 

Here are his words: 

“On the field, I aim to contribute to the football team’s success in any way that I can. I plan to make meaningful contributions to our collective efforts and push myself to be better. I’ll be a good teammate, learn from my coaches, and give 100% every day. I hope to help the team win PAC Championships.”

“Off the field, I aspire to engage in extracurricular activities, leadership roles, and volunteer opportunities that align with my medical interests. I’ll pursue rigorous coursework that will challenge me intellectually and prepare me for future success. I’ll continue to excel in my classes, maintain a strong GPA, and explore various academic interests. I’ll also take advantage of medical research opportunities and internships that will enrich my education and prepare me for my future career goal of becoming a doctor.”

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