“My Senior Season definitely shaped me” – Vinny Hack reveals what influenced his new Case Western Reserve University commitment

Vinny Hack has just shared his next big leap with everyone as he has declared his commitment to Case Western Reserve University. This declaration was made known by the Nordonia Knights linebacker via his social media account and has generated cheers and praise from family, fellow teammates such as Michael Ebert, Joshua Henderson, and Brendan Hermensky, as well as other top individuals in the Nordonia, Ohio, community.

Hack was an active player for both the Nordonia Knights football and baseball teams. He also showed his academic strength when he received the 2023 OHSFCA Academic All-Ohio award last December. Vinny sat down with Joshua from our sports news team for an exclusive chat. Below are his statements:

You’ve had an impressive fall season with the Nordonia Knights, recording an outstanding average of 9.2 tackles per game and ranking second in sacks on your team. Can you share some highlights from this season and how they have shaped you as a player? My senior season definitely shaped me in impactful ways as both a player and a person. Each game presented its own set of challenges, but it was through the collective effort of my teammates and guidance from our coaches, that I was able to grow and thrive on the field.”

“Surpassing the 100 tackle mark was undoubtedly the biggest highlight of my season. It was a result of my focus on being in the right spot and doing my job on each play. By consistently executing, I was able to make a significant contribution to the team’s success and achieve a personal milestone.” 

“There were so many memorable moments this year but it all started with the offseason and practice. That’s where I learned that hard work and preparation make game time easy. I was prepared and ready to adjust to any situation that came my way. I was excited for every single game and tried to take in every single moment. I’m thankful for my teammates, my coaches, and everyone who’s helped me get to where I am.”

Photo by Jeff Garvas

What were the key factors that influenced your decision to commit to Case Western Reserve University? 

“My decision to commit to Case Western Reserve University was influenced by a combination of factors that made it the perfect fit for me both academically and athletically. Firstly, was the prestige and academic reputation of Case Western Reserve University. The school is committed to academic excellence, has renowned faculty and resources, and has a nationally top-ranked medical research program. I was drawn to the opportunity to be challenged academically and surrounded by motivated peers who share my passion for learning and achievement. I will be studying Pre-Med at Case while pursuing my goal of becoming an orthopedic surgeon.”

“On the football side, Case Western Reserve University’s winning football tradition and experienced coaching staff were major attractions for me. The opportunity to be part of a program with a history of success and a coaching staff that is committed to developing their athletes both on and off the field was incredibly appealing. I knew that I would be able to continue growing as a player and contribute to a team that prioritizes excellence and teamwork. The coaches were patient as I weighed out all of my options, and continued to remind me that I would always have a home at CWRU.”

Having left a mark at Nordonia, what advice would you give to your former teammates, especially the juniors and sophomores, as they continue to build their high school football careers?

“I would tell them always to give 100%. Be a good teammate, a peer leader, and keep a positive attitude. Embrace the coaching, as they are putting you in the best position to succeed. Challenge yourself to push beyond limits. Adjust when you encounter barriers or obstacles and learn from them. Be consistent, but adaptable and ready for anything. As Coach Fox would say, “the relentless pursuit of excellence” which means to strive for the best version of yourself that you can be in all aspects of life. Constantly improve, push yourself to surpass previous achievements, and consistently seek out ways to excel on the field.”

How do you hope to contribute to the Case Western Reserve University football team, both as a player and a teammate?

“On the field: I’m determined to be the best player I can be. I’ll give 100% effort in every practice and game, aiming to excel in everything I do, whether it’s making big plays, supporting my teammates, or being a reliable asset.” 

“As a teammate: I value teamwork and want to create a positive environment where everyone feels supported. I’ll lift up my teammates, work together towards our goals, and be the best teammate that I can be.”

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