Nordonia High School Boys’ Basketball Season Preview: Shooting for Excellence in the Winter Season


Winter is almost here, and that means Nordonia High School Boys’ Basketball season is just around the corner—something we’ve all been waiting for! Coach Dominique Sanders and his awesome team are gearing up to hit the basketball court with a bang. Their goal is simple: win the conference championship, and they’re dead set on doing it with a solid and consistent game plan.

Coach Sanders is crystal clear about the team’s mission. He says, “We’re going for that conference championship while keeping our performance top-notch and consistent.” Nordonia’s basketball crew isn’t just in it to win the title; they’re committed to giving their best every single night.

This year, get ready for some high-speed action on offense. The team plans to use their speed and slick ball moves to score big. Defensively, they’ve got multiple strategies up their sleeves, adjusting to each opponent and situation. Their game plan? Throw the other team off balance, create chaos, and snatch those turnovers with intense pressure.

Look out for Trevor Turnball, the standout senior point guard. He’s not only a consistent scorer and playmaker but also a leader both on and off the court. In 2022, he snagged the Player of the Match title twice in February and is ranked among the top players in Division I. Trevor’s not just about personal glory; he’s all about mentoring his teammates and being a role model.

Coach Sanders, with a decade of coaching under his belt, knows his stuff. He’s been coaching varsity basketball for seven years, four of them with Nordonia. Before that, he was with the Twinsburg Tigers. When asked about new additions to the squad, Coach Sanders spills the beans: “We’ve got one player returning to the varsity squad, and we’ve got an impressive sophomore transfer from Twinsburg.”

And mark your calendars! The scrimmage games are happening from the 10th to the 22nd of November, featuring tough opponents like Buchtel, Roosevelt, Lutheran West, and Aurora. NordoniaHills.News is sending good luck vibes to the boys’ basketball team for a fantastic winter season!

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