“Nordonia is full of passionate people” – Coach Dominique Sanders’ farewell as he announces his departure from Nordonia High School

Coach Sanders is a well-known and respected figure in high school basketball, especially within the Nordonia community. He has coached many top players and helped them transition smoothly from high school to university. On May 18th, he announced his resignation from the role of Boys Basketball Team Coach.

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He gave an interview to our high school sports correspondent, Joshua Okeke, to talk about his resignation, his future plans, and his hopes for Nordonia basketball players.


Reflecting on your tenure, what do you consider your greatest accomplishment with the Nordonia Basketball Team?


Greatest compliments  on the court as a Knight would definitely have to be our district final teams in 2022/2023. We were able to fight  through so much adversity throughout the course of that season.


You mentioned building a championship-caliber program. Can you share some key strategies or philosophies that contributed to this achievement?


Key strategies in developing our youth comes down to implementing a team of individuals that bodies the same goals. We started with 80 or so members in our NBA problem and that number has now reached over 350 kids in just  about 3 years of work.


In your thank-you letter, you mentioned the importance of support from parents and the community. How did you foster this support throughout your time at Nordonia?


The community of Nordonia is full of passionate people, and they love their sports. Our parents provide team meals, help coordinate team events and more.


“I would love to see my brother DeVon get the job” – Coach Sanders shares his opinion on who should take over after him

Caption: Coach Sanders speaking with Nordonia Boys Basketball players against his alma-mata Twinsburg Photo Credit: Jason Roberts


Coach Sanders, who has been coaching the Boys Basketball team, has announced his new role as a Teacher and Head Boys Basketball Coach at Twinsburg City School District. In an interview with Joshua Okeke, our High School Reporter, he shared how he built a strong team that achieved success and mentioned who he hoped would take over his position.


You have trained many players who have been recruited to top universities. What advice did you give them to help them succeed at the next level?


The next level is a different ball game and it takes a different beast. I always ask my players what their goals are, and those that want the opportunity to play at the next level understand what it takes.  My advice given to them is simple; work harder than the rest!


How did you assemble such a dedicated and talented staff? What qualities were you looking for in your team members?


When assembling  staff I look for energy and commitment. How excited are you to come to work everyday? How passionate are you about the game? Those are key factors that I take into consideration when implementing a staff. I was blessed to have a great group, one that always put kids over self.


Can you describe some of the most memorable moments you experienced with the team and the community?


I love the community of Nordonia and I don’t know if I can pinpoint one memory. They embraced me with open arms and were always there to show support to our program.


Looking ahead, what do you see for the future of the Nordonia Basketball Team? What advice would you give to your successor?


I think the future of Nordonia Basketball is in a great place! The NBA and NYB are both great established youth organizations and the current high school/middle school players are very talented. I would love to see my brother DeVon get the job! He’s a big student of the game, he’s in the building and has learned a lot coaching the JVs while being a varsity assistant.


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