Northfield Village Council: Range Clips Scope, Caution About Recycling, Road Project Awarded

A spokesperson for Freedom Range Academy told the Council on August 23 that developers are decreasing their original plans due to a variety of factors including cost.

Few specifics were discussed at the Council meeting.

Original plans called for a 16,000-square-foot freestanding building with 20 shooting stalls, classrooms, retail space, and academy space at Summit Plaza.

However, a spokesperson for the range said developers have decreased the number of shooting stalls from 20 to 12.

Planned retail space has decreased while classroom space has increased.

The developers hope to break ground in spring with a completion time of about nine months.

Resident Apprehensive About Recycling Location
A resident told the Council she felt apprehensive about the recently changed location of the recycle bin on Chestnut Avenue.

Other residents are concerned because the bin is located at the end of a road, near Pitluk Preserve, and does not have adequate lighting, she said.

The location is also inconvenient, especially to elderly and disabled residents and those who work non-traditional schedules, she added.

Garbage has often been strewn around the area with empty pill bottles, alcoholic beverage containers, and drug paraphernalia on a nearby trail, she said.

And several residents who live near the bin area are “clearly, heavily armed,” she said. She told officials that signs, gun racks, target shooting areas, and “posturing” by those residents have been worrisome.

“It does not seem like a safe area,” she said.

The recycling area is on publicly owned property, according to Service Department Superintendent Jason Walters.

The original location was moved for a variety of reasons, Walters said. Officials would be willing to talk to the resident and try to come up with a possible solution.

According to officials, each time trash contracts are negotiated the village has asked for curbside recycling to be included. It almost doubles the price, according to the Council.

The resident said her main concern was poor lighting and the drug paraphernalia as well as what could happen if a resident in the area becomes upset with recyclers.

Bid Approved 
The council approved the bid of Eclipse Company, LLC for the Sagamore Road Drainage Improvement Project.


  • Resolution passed Authorizing Certain Amendments to the 2023 Appropriation Resolution and/or Transferring Items Already Appropriated in that Resolution.
  • Resolution passed Directing the Certification of Delinquent Sewer Maintenance Fee Bills to the County Fiscal Officer for Placement on the Tax Duplicate, passed.
  • Resolution passed Directing the Certification Of Delinquent Grass, Weed Cutting, and Property Clean Up Bills to the County Fiscal Officer for Placement on the Tax Duplicate.
  • Resolution passed Authorizing and Directing the Mayor to Accept the Bid of and Enter into an Agreement with Eclipse Company, LLC for the Sagamore Road Drainage Improvement Project.
  • Ordinance passed Amending Sections 452.13 and 1064.01 of the Codified Ordinances Relating to Night Parking and Park Rules.
  • Ordinance passed To Approve the Editing and Inclusion of Certain Ordinances as Parts of the Various Component Codes of the Codified Ordinances; To Approve, Adopt, Enact, and Publish New Matter in the Updated and Revised Codified Ordinances; and To Repeal Ordinances and Resolutions in Conflict Therewith.
  • Motion passed stipulating training pay for Police officers.


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