Police Blotter: Identity Fraud, Dead and Injured Snow Person, and Eggs Tossed At House

Police reports are a sampling of blotter items available and are not intended to be all-inclusive.

Identity Fraud

ID used to open credit line: A Whispering Woods resident called the police on December 14 to report that someone had used her info to open a $4,000 credit line. The resident denied giving permission or private information to anyone. The fraud was discovered and reported to credit monitoring sources. No further action will be taken.

Theft from Vehicle 

Man received a picture of stolen Ohio license plate and bill for $67 from New Jersey: A man told police on December 29 that he had received a picture via the mail of his front license plate. The picture was sent by the New Jersey Turnpike Authority. The plate was not attached to his silver Dodge van but on an unknown dark-colored vehicle. The man told police he did not know when or where the plate was taken. The man told police he had not been in New Jersey. The letter also stated the man owed New Jersey $67.14. The reason for the change was not listed.


Bogus $100 bills used in computer purchase: Police were called to an East Aurora Road electronic/appliance store on December 15 after employees reported a man used a stack of $100 bills to purchase a desktop computer. According to police, a man purchased an $853.90 computer with nine, $100 bills. Two employees counted the money, as per company policy for large purchases, according to police. Police were called after one of the employees suspected the money was counterfeit. The man was described as white, wearing a blue and gray baseball cap, blue shirt, and blue jeans. He drove off in a Range Rover, according to police.

Criminal damage on inflatable snowmen

Inflatable snowman killed, one injured, before Christmas Day: Police say a Crow Drive snow person was injured on its property 10 days before Christmas. The snow person known only as “snowman” sustained life-threatening injuries after a person was seen running from the yard after residents reportedly heard a “loud pop noise,” according to police. The suspect was seen running from the yard and entering a white pickup truck waiting at Deepwood and Crow drives. The fallen snowman sustained a tear near the air intake, according to police. His condition was not immediately known. The snowman was valued at $80, according to the report. Police made a traffic stop a short distance away from a pickup truck matching the description of the getaway vehicle. The truck contained three juveniles who were taken back to the scene. According to the police, the juveniles admitted the assault, apologized and promised restitution. No charges were filed. The next night a Berkshire Drive woman told police she had video of a person exiting a white pickup truck “run into her front yard and tackle her inflatable snowman.” The Berkshire snowman was damaged beyond repair, according to police. The matter is under investigation.

Fraud direct deposit paycheck

Paycheck routing numbers altered by unknown person: An employee of a Macedonia Commons retail business told police on December 22 that her $1994.87 paycheck had not been deposited into her bank account but onto a card, due to the routing numbers being changed. According to the bank, the only way routing numbers could be altered was from the issuing company or accessing the company’s WiFi account. The bank and employer investigating.

Identity fraud

Wife alleges hubby fraud: A woman called police the day after Christmas to report that her husband has been using her Identity for more than two years to commit fraud. The woman told police her husband recently attempted to open an account and a credit union in her name, according to police. The woman has also reported the man to the FBI, according to police. Police advised her to place a lock on her identification.

Unruly juvenile

Juveniles suspected in egging of home: Police were called to investigate eggs that were thrown at a Bedford Road home on December 26 around 10:15 p.m. A woman told police she was uncertain of who threw several eggs at her house, garage, and an Audi AS. There was no visible damage to the home, according to police.

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