Summit County Plans Fugitive Safe Surrender

Summit County Sheriff Kandy Fatheree is pleased to announce that a Fugitive Safe Surrender event has been planned for this summer. This will be the first Fugitive Safe Surrender event in Summit County in over a decade. The event will be held from August 7th through August 10th at the House of the Lord Church, located at 1650 Diagonal Road, Akron, Ohio 44320. The hours will be 9:00am-5:00pm.

Fugitive Safe Surrender provides an opportunity for people who have a warrant to voluntarily surrender in exchange for the possibility of favorable consideration on resolving their case. Free legal representation will be available, with attorneys present to provide representation for those who surrender and appear before a judge. All of which will occur on-site. This is not an amnesty program. This program offers individuals with warrants the opportunity to resolve their case in a safe manner.

Fugitive Safe Surrender is a collaboration between several local agencies, including: the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, Summit County Prosecutor’s Office, City of Akron Prosecutor’s Office, Summit County Common Pleas Court, Summit County Domestic Relations Court, Summit County Adult Probation, Summit County Department of Public Safety, Summit County Clerk of Courts, Summit Legal Defenders Office, Akron Police Department, Akron Clerk of Courts, Akron Municipal Court, Barberton Municipal Court, City of Barberton Prosecutor’s Office, Ohio Attorney General’s Office, Akron Bar Association, and The House of the Lord.

On-site community resources will be available to help people transition towards a fresh start. In addition, the House of the Lord will be offering daycare for those with children.

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