Top 4 Window Beautification Tips for Your Home

Few architectural elements are more noticeable in a home than windows. Of course, they bring in light and fresh air while allowing us to look out on the world and all its splendor. They offer plenty of opportunities for decoration and ornamentation as well. But too often, homeowners leave them blank and utilitarian. If you’d like to add some zip to your home’s appearance, start with the windows. Here are our top four window beautification tips for your home.

Dress Them Up

Of course, the easiest way to beautify your windows is by adding window treatments inside. Adding curtains and blinds can provide elegance and privacy. And with the right colors and patterns, they give a home more depth, texture, and glamor. Layers of curtains, swags, valances, and cornices combined with shades and blinds can make windows much more interesting. It’s an excellent way to bring in even more light or keep it out. There are other ways to make your home prettier, but adding window treatments is an excellent and affordable start.

Add Life to Your Windows

Plants never fail to add charm to your windows. Setting up a planter or window box just outside can add a touch of green (and other colors, depending on the types of blooms) to your home’s exterior. Installing one indoors brings that same effect indoors. Consider the amount of sun as you decide on your plants. Succulents, herbs, and flowers love the sun. Shady sills are perfectly fine for ferns and similar frond-covered friends. And imagine the effect of an ivy or another dangling plant; it’s exquisite.

Switch to Stained Glass

If you’re especially handy, turning a window into a piece of stained-glass art is a wonderful idea. Having a professional devise the perfect stained-glass statement is best, but there are kits available that allow you to make a lovely hanging piece fit for any charming village church. Stained glass looks lovely outdoors, and the rainbow effect it causes indoors can be breathtaking and inspiring.

Accentuate the Positives

Do your windows already have interesting features, such as moldings and trims? Highlight their beauty with a tasteful repainting. Get detailed and make the smaller decorative elements pop. Installing new molding, of course, can also help, but try to keep it tasteful and in line with the house’s original style. As the saying goes, don’t gild the lily.

These are our top four window beautification tips for your home. Whatever you do, remember to make it a reflection of your personality and taste, and you can’t go wrong.

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