Vic’s Corner/SMH Safety Town Vandalism Issues!

By Victor Milani,

When I was growing up, my mother would warn us that company was coming over in a hour, and we should help clean up the house. Certain things one remembers even as an adult. Safety Town was vandalized, evidently 3 or 4 weeks ago, damaging numerous signs, banners etc. The Nordonia Hills Rotary, perhaps in the excitement of Congressman David Joyce coming out to present a new flag, did nothing to repair the damage to the Safety Town Facility. Some damage had occurred as late as one year ago, according to one Rotarian. The more extensive damage occurred over the past few weeks. Before Congressman Joyce and his entourage came to Rushwood, the  facility should have been looked over and repairs been made.

Allegedly The Rotary knew of the damage for weeks, and did nothing. One member said the signs were on order. Another member said they were being ordered the day after the flag raising ceremony, when my report of the damage was brought to public attention. That was fumble number one. Fumble number two happened  during the flag raising ceremony with Congressman Joyce. While announcing all the people who brought Safety Town to fruition, several key groups of people were omitted, such as the past Nordonia Hills YMCA President Lisa Ennis, and Kim Griner. Kim brought in over $12,000 in donations through sign and brick sponsorship she personally solicited. It would have been a nice gesture as well if the people that paid for the signs, brick, and sponsorships, be acknowledged. It’s unfortunate that there wasn’t more coverage of the event as well. NordoniaHills.News wasn’t invited to the event. It appears only a select few were invited to the flag raising event. That was fumble number three.

When a Congressman comes to an event, a public relations blitz should have occurred, and the host should try  to put their best foot forward. I don’t knew if Congressman Joyce toured  the facility or not. I should hope he was spared having to view a facility in disrepair and vandalized. As a past Rotarian, I am embarrassed. The Rotary does a number of great things for many people. But when you are entrusted with funding to build a facility such as Safety Town, the obligation of securing and maintaining it goes along with the funding.  I was the first to break the story of the vandalism in Nordonia Hills.News (see related story).

I was asked by one current Rotarian to not report the vandalism, as it would hurt future Rotary sponsorship drives. I don’t cover up anything for anyone. Wrong is wrong no matter who it is! It gives me personally no delight to have to report the damage, or the lack of courtesy that wasn’t given to those who brought The Safety Town from a dream, to a reality. I at one time sat on the YMCA board with Lisa Ennis. You will not find a more dedicated individual than Ms. Ennis that helped form the Safety Town. Lisa Ennis, Kim Griner, and all the others who donated their money and time towards the funding of the facility should have been acknowledged. Sometime two words are all that’s necessary. THANK YOU! Now please repair Safety Town for the kids. That’s truly what this  should be  all about!


Julie D'Aloiso
Julie D'Aloiso
Owner of SpiderCat Marketing, Station Manager at NEO Community Radio, and content manager for NordoniaHills.News

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