Visit a Jurassic Park Themed -Halloween Display @ A Macedonia Home

Every year since 2011, Mike and Lori Kurinsky have been sharing their love of Halloween with their Macedonia neighbors by providing displays to view in their front yard located at 8794 Smokerise, Macedonia, OH  44056.  The displays have become more elaborate over the years with 99% of the creations being homemade. They often start thinking about what to build and start planning in the late summer months. This year’s theme “Jurassic Park” has been in the works for the past two years. According to Mike, “we both enjoy Halloween as you can be and make anything you want, with no rules.”

Mike says much of their inspiration comes from pop culture, and his favorite Halloween movie is “World War Z”, and his wife Lori’s favorite is “The Exorcist”. They both enjoy, “The Cabin in The Woods”, “28 Days Later”, “What We Do in The Shadows”, “Train to Busan”, and “Zombieland”.

Previous years’ Halloween displays were themed graveyards, a giant creepy spider that spun cobwebs all over its prey and also their home, a scene from Beetlejuice, and a crashed UFO that landed in their front yard to hang out for the spooky season.  One year they put together a Super Mario Brothers scene from a game level featuring a moving- Super Mario hitting his head on the bricks and question mark to reveal the hidden coins he is seeking, only to dodge the flying turtle so it doesn’t kill him.

Mike and Lori want people to see what they’ve built and enjoy it as much as they do. Mike says, “hopefully it will inspire others to decorate also”.  They have appreciated all the kind words from their neighbors, as it has motivated them and driven them to come up with new ideas each year.

Visit the Jurassic Park display @ 8794 Smokerise Drive, Macedonia, OH  44056, and see “herbivores, that only really eat vegetables, or for you, they make an exception”- Tim (played by Joseph Mazzello 1993).

(Photo credits: Mike and Lori Kurinsky)

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