James and Jonathan Ortlip

By Julie D’Aloiso

I met with James and Jonathan Ortlip from Ambassador Football to talk about how the facility is used now that is has been open a year. As you may recall, we covered the ground breaking 2 years ago (see article here).

Ambassador Football is located on 8186 Highland Pointe Pkwy in Macedonia (off of Highland Road).  The arena is called: Rothenbuhler Cheesemakers Arena (see below for the story behind the name). It is the home of Ambassadors Football.

James indicated that the facility is currently being utilized by the Nordonia High School baseball and soccer programs along with other local organizations.

The turf has been in about a year and is still in great condition. It consists of one inch of crushed rubber. The turf blades consists of German made fiber and will last 8 –  10 years which is twice as long as turf generally used in other facilitates.  The Turf area is 23,000 square feet and the large parent area is 4000 square feet. There are viewing areas in several areas and all are protected. Ambassadors Football wants the kids and the parents to be safe.

They communicate a message of good values and strive to develop good citizens in all that they do. They are currently looking to reach out to other local organizations to utilize the facility. Summer for them is off season but it is certainly used a lot. In the winter they are utilized every day, Monday – Friday. This summer, they have gotten some last minute calls because of the heavy rains: “Can we practice there today? We got rained out!”

The building is well lit with natural light and led lighting. The temperature is 70 degrees year long. No need to worry about the weather. In the winter they are available in the mornings. But by 2:00 pm in the afternoon, the facilitate is booked. They are looking for groups of all ages to utilize the facility. With the soft turf, it is perfect for walking groups.

Ambassadors Sports currently runs an inner city Akron program for immigrant kids.
According to President of the International Football Foundation, Jonathan Ortlip “Those who can afford to pay to play, we ask them to pay, so that those cannot afford to pay can also play. “

Ambassadors Football is in 30 countries. Any additional funds they make goes to pay the mortgage, utilities, and phase 2 but also contributes to kids in Rwanda, Haiti other poor developing countries that need help. This is a new type of facility. They are hoping to have more of these all over the world.

Years from now, they are planning on building a 6 million dollar phase 2 (which would also be indoor).  It would be 90 yards wide by 136 yards long. They are currently looking for investors and donors that appreciate the good that they are doing.

For more information contact James by appointment only. Call 330-963-6599 or email rc.arena@amasadorsfootball.org.

How the Facility Got Its Name

The facility is named, Rothenbuhler Cheesemakers Arena because they are heavy supporters of the Ambassadors Football and the camps. Hans Rothenbuhler started Middle Field Cheese Co-op in 1956. He was orphaned when we was 4 years old and came to America through the statue of liberty as many other immigrants had at the time. He was a milkman in Shaker Hts when the Amish came to him and asked him to make cheese for them. That was the time when the laws changed and forced the Amish to use electricity to make cheese if the wanted their sell it as Grade A. Later the company name was changed to honor the family heritage.