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#549  WEDNESDAY APRIL 10, 2019

3:00 to 8:00PM 

The Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative of Ohio (RALI-OH) is an alliance of more than a dozen local, state and national organizations committed to finding solutions to end the opioid crisis in Ohio.

The organization is partnering with CODE 3 to bring the RALI CARES educational trailer to Ohio.  The RALI CARES exhibit is a hands on tour of a mock teenage bedroom to learn about the possible warning signs of drug use and/or abuse.  Experts will be on hand to guide you through the trailer, educating participants about warning signs, potential areas of concern, and answer questions parents or caregivers may have.

Learn more about RALI OHIO and RALI CARES at


In addition to a late season three-inch snowfall, some Northfield Center residents experienced a power outage early on Sunday morning March 31st.  The power went out at 19-seconds after midnight and lasted until 4:41AM.  A large white flash was observed in the vicinity of Brandywine Road and W. Highland.  This was presumably caused by the heavy wet snow bending a tree branch into the high line (high voltage) wire and shorting it out.  First Energy was on the scene and restored power.  This is another reminder about obtaining a backup generator for your home!


In my last newsletter a question was posted by a reader involving the lack of lane directions on Highland Road in Macedonia in front of the now closed BP gas station.  Prior to that posting, the subject was raised for several years with three Macedonia Mayors.  I was recently advised by Macedonia that ODOT would not let them paint directional arrows on the roadway or post a larger directional sign.  The problem here is that there are two eastbound lanes and only the right one is for through traffic with the left one for left turns.  With the small sign and lack of left turn arrows, those in the left lane try cutting off those in the right lane.  There have been many close calls and road rage incidents.  I’ve witnessed both for myself and judging from the original posting and other comments I’ve received, I am not alone!

ODOT’s District 4 Public Information Officer, Justin Chesnic, responded to the posting by stating, “ I wanted to respond about the Highland Rd. inquiry. I have talked to our engineering section and the City of Macedonia is responsible for maintenance along Highland Rd.” And in a followup email, Justin stated, “They are responsible for painting lines and placing signs on Highland Rd. We are in the process of setting up a meeting between the city and ODOT to discuss this intersection”.

Macedonia Police Department’s Executive Lieutenant, Vincent L. Yakopovich, also responded later by stating, “We are going to discuss some options with our engineer. I am sure Mayor Molnar will keep you in the loop.”

It appears that Macedonia and ODOT are now seriously looking into this dangerous situation and will hopefully find a solution.


The “Friends of Nordonia Schools Levy Committee” recently asked our Board of Trustees to endorse the upcoming school levy.  I respectfully declined this request because I have long held the belief that as Township officials, we should not involve ourselves in school issues and schools should not involve themselves in Township issues.  This is particularly true when it comes to levy and bond issues.

The people have a choice to make one way or the other.  The schools have never endorsed or opposed any Township road, fire or police levies and the Township has not, to the best of my knowledge, ever endorsed any school issues.  And that’s the way I feel it should be.

In keeping with that philosophy, I am asking all readers to refrain from sending any questions or comments supporting or opposing the school levy.  I thank all of you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.


Q >>> – Good afternoon Mr Buescher, I live on Beechwood Drive. I would like you to take a look at the storm pipe that runs under my driveway near the street and let me know who’s responsibility it is to fix it. It appears to be collapsing and no water drains through it when we have storms or snow melt. I appreciate any help you can give me in this regard.

A >>> – The Township’s position in matters like this is – The first one is on us and the next one is on you.  This means that the Township installed the original pipe but subsequent ones are the responsibility of the property owners.   Our Service Department will contact you to make arrangements.  In the meantime, please consider the fact that the entire drainage system in your area may soon be impacted (for the better) once the Spitzer lawsuit is finally settled and we find out what business might be coming into the area.  Stormwater issues and improved drainage are all part of the settlement.  Stay tuned.

Q >>> – Can you please give information about the broken pebbles that are along the curbs in Rolling  Brooke Estates? When you speak of debris, I think this is very important because it can cause clogs in the street drains and it makes the neighborhood streets look excessively bad. Can this be rectified in any manner that will satisfy the residents? Thanks in advance.

A >>> – I am happy to report to you that our Service Department is planning to street sweep the Rolling Brooke area sometime this month (April)!

Q >>> – Sorry, because I know you mentioned it before. I believe you mentioned there was a contact person from Wow for small problems. I know they’re supposed to come back and make landscape repairs. There’s a couple spots that I’d like them to address. I want to make sure it’s on their list.

A >>> – Anyone with WOW damage issues should detail them with our Townhall.  I would also like to be made aware of them like you did.  Your name and address is on “The List” and I will be included on any final inspections prior to the bond money release to WOW.

Q >>> – Can you tell me what exactly is the goal for clearing the ponds and basins in the [Rolling Brooke] development?

A >>> – I’m not sure what you mean by “goal” but I can tell you that the maintenance on all the ponds and basins in Rolling Brooke is the sole responsibility of your Homeowner’s Association.


I agree with the writer regarding the poorly marked lanes on Highland going east from Route 8. I too have seen some near-misses there. Since I drive that area frequently, my strategy is to go into the right lane as directed by the (poor) signage, but to crowd the left side of the lane (well, maybe even hang over a bit) to give anyone thinking to pass me on the left a pause.

The southbound lanes from Olde 8 to Brandywine at the 5-points are just as bad. I’ve had several near-misses with drivers who missed the Right Turn Only signs and the pavement markings, and blew straight thru, while blowing their horn AT ME, when I properly used the thru lane. My strategy there is to always pull way left, and then cut to the right just as I come to a stop at the light, to make it blatantly obvious even to the subconscious of anybody in the right lane, that I’m going straight thru to Brandywine. This is another place that needs some better signage. I know this one isn’t a township issue either, because its the intersection of a Summit County road with an ODOT road. Anybody care to join me for some clandestine midnight pavement-painting?


I fully agree with your assessment of the dangerous and deplorable condition on highland road in Macedonia.  Their traffic engineers leave a lot to be desired.  Give me a brush and some white paint and I will paint the arrows myself as long as there is a cop to stop traffic!!!


Hi Paul. I just wanted to comment to the person who is unhappy with the decision by the Twsp regarding the Spitzer property & their remarks about home value. I personally am very open to Spitzer selling the property to bring in another grocery store, and I also live adjacent to the Spitzer property. My husband and I moved here 15 years ago and something that was very appealing to us was the growth of the area in both residential and commercial property. We love that there’s shopping & restaurants close by, and we like seeing new homes being built. To us it’s all about the economy wheel & keeping a good balance.


Good write up on WOW installers at the start of March.  Numerous times on the blind curve near our residence at 225 W. Highland Rd, they had one guy barely “flagging” traffic and limited signs and cones.  At one point, Lisa witnessed an almost head on collision because the “flaggerman” put a hand up, not even a stop sign, in the dusk light, to try to stop an oncoming car while he waived his little orang flag in the other direction.  Then he had the nerve to yell at the guy. Also, they dumped trimmed limbs between my property and my neighbors in a treed area that I too would like cleaned up.


 Since my house is next to Paul’s I will not be selling so building a “24 hour stop-n-go convenience store” next to yours will be a little tough!


Buona Sera Paul from Palermo, Italy.  It was a good Qso [On the Air Ham Radio Conversation] this night.  You had a very strong signal into Palermo.  I check your Northfield Center camera on website and saw nice town.  Good town to be trustee with good Northfield Center people. I have family member in Walton [Hills] near you.  I look for another Qso soon!

73 and Ciao Ciao
Marco Tortoreti
Thank you,

Paul G. Buescher
Northfield Center Twp. – Vice Chairman
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