Paul G. Buescher
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About 31 people attended last night’s Spitzer rezoning public hearing. Four people spoke at the hearing including a Spitzer representative. The twelve-minute hearing was adjourned at 6:42PM with no decisions made. At the following regular 7PM Trustees meeting, The Board voted to ACCEPT the Zoning Commission’s recommendation to DENY Spitzer’s rezoning request.



During the regular Trustees meeting, several other issues were discussed including the proposed Summit County Storm Water Management program. Several past meetings have addressed this matter but there continues to be many concerns and unanswered questions. It was the unanimous concern of the Board that we did not want to be the Guinea Pigs with this program since no other community had yet adopted it.

By not acting on the proposal, we have effectively opted out of the program for next year. We knew that Bath Township was considering opting in at their meeting and today I learned that they did opt in. Their opting in was due to pressure from a conservation group that was proposing a similar program and that there were legal deadlines that they had to follow. The bottom line here is that Bath Township is now the Guinea Pig with this program. We now have time to see how it works out for them before we give any future consideration to joining the program. We also plan to use the time to meet with various County officials to get some of our questions and concerns answered. We have not written this program off but have assumed a cautious stand to see how it works out in Bath Township and any other communities who opt in.

Anyone interested in watching the recent public hearing that was presented by Summit County Engineer, Al Brubaker, on November 16th are invited to watch Cable 9’s taping through the following link:



How would you like another Cable TV and Internet provider in Northfield Center? This could be a possibility in the near future. Representatives from “WOW” cable gave a brief presentation at last night’s meeting. There is not a lot of detail to share but they will be working with us to work out the technical details and when we have a solid plan in place, we will probably hold a public hearing for questions and answers. So, SAY TUNED!