How To Improve the Ventilation in Your Home

If you’ve detected a stale stuffiness or a slight odor in your home, you may have ventilation issues. Ventilation involves the introduction of fresh outdoor air indoors. This is necessary not just for the sake of pleasant-smelling air inside but for a whole host of reasons. Good ventilation can keep your home odor-free, reduce moisture that might encourage mold growth, and get rid of smoke and cooking odors. It can also lower the possibility of breathing in allergens and pathogens. Here’s how to improve the ventilation in your home.

Open the Doors and Windows

One of the simplest and surest ways to provide short-term ventilation in your home is to open all the windows and doors. This encourages fresh air to come in and waft through the house. It pushes out the old air as well. Naturally, if it’s unsafe to leave doors and windows open due to children or pets, leave them closed or take measures to block them. If the bad smells are coming from outside the house, of course, don’t let more in this way. However, opening doors and windows and using fans will often clear things out.

Change the Filters

If you’ve been running your HVAC system day and night and things get stuffy and stinky, check the filters. Most HVAC devices have removable filters that you should clean or replace periodically. If you check them and they seem blocked up, replace or clean them. Vacuum inside and around the area where the filter goes as well. As a side note, be sure to install your filter correctly. If it sits in the HVAC system incorrectly, it’s not doing its job.

Check the Vents

Housecleaning should be a given, but there are probably a few areas you never clean because it’s hard to see how they’d get dirty. Vents are prime spots that collect dust and debris. They’re usually in places where they’re easy to forget. Bathroom vents need special attention since they’re high up and work in humid and enclosed areas. Keep vents free of dust and obstructions, and move furniture if it seems to be blocking the smooth flow of air.

Install an Air Purifier

Here’s one more tip on how to improve the ventilation in your home. Air purifiers keep your house’s air clean around the clock, aiding with your ventilation-improvement efforts. They work to filter out dust, debris, dander, hair, pollutants, and other nasty bits and particles floating around your house. Some HVAC systems already have air purifiers in them, so be sure they’re running well with periodic maintenance. You can also purchase air purification devices for different rooms. And for extra protection, some purifiers also act as humidifiers or dehumidifiers. Pick whichever one ensures you’re breathing clean and healthy air.

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