“I owe everything to my parents.” – Robert Watson credits his parents for his New great success

Robert Watson has been a familiar name to the Nordonia High School basketball team and their fans since he graduated in 2020. However, he’s now more known at Baldwin Wallace University. On April 13, 2020, he announced his decision to attend Baldwin Wallace to continue his studies and basketball career, switching from the green and white of the Nordonia Knights to the yellow of the Baldwin Wallace Yellow Jackets.


Robert Watson had an outstanding high school career, which led to his recruitment by the Yellow Jackets. While at Nordonia High School, he earned two varsity letters, served as team captain, was selected for the All-Suburban League, and made the High Honor Roll.


His time at Baldwin Wallace has shown significant growth over the past four years. Recently, Robert’s starting appearances have increased, and he has started 10 out of 19 games. His scoring has also improved, with a standout performance against Heidelberg on February 14, 2024, where he scored a personal best of 15 points in a game.


Robert shared with our correspondent, Joshua Okeke, that he was born into a wonderful family, Robert II and Kimberly Watson. Being their only child, he was taught good values. Robert explained that even though he was the only child, his parents were strict, but he appreciates how they raised him. He believes that the way he was brought up clearly reflects in his qualities, thanks to the time and effort his parents invested in him during his upbringing. Here’s what he had to say:

“I owe everything to my parents. They raised me to be the person I am, so any kind words or anything people have to say about me can all be attributed to them. I’m the only child, so they spent a lot of time with me and were hard on me, but I thank them for it.”


Talking about the photo of him holding a plaque with his parents, Robert said this:

“Oh yeah, I just got that for playing all four years. All seniors get it. It wasn’t an award, just a nice picture.”

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