Police Blotter: Police Investigate Vehicle Break-Ins And Stolen Electronics

Police reports are a sampling of blotter items available and are not intended to be all-inclusive.

Theft From Vehicle/Vehicular Vandalism 

Woman loses more than $5,000 after purse stolen through smashed window: Police were called to a parking lot of a fitness center in the 900 block of E. Aurora Road just before noon on October 28 after a woman called to

report her purse was taken from her 2023 Volkswagen. The woman told police she had parked in the lot of a fitness center around 10:24 a.m. At 11:21 she received a text message from a bank that her credit card had been used four times at a nearby business for a total of $5,574, according to police. The woman returned to her vehicle and found the front passenger window had been smashed and her purse, which was under the front driver’s seat, was missing. The woman was advised to cancel all her credit cards and to alert police of any further transactions on the card, according to police. 


Theft From Vehicle/Vehicular Damage 

Second woman reports break-in at fitness center lot: Police took

a second report in the parking lot of a fitness center in the 900 block of E. Aurora Road on October 28 around noon, according to police. The woman told police she arrived around 10:30 a.m. to work out. After her workout, the woman returned to her 2007 BMW and found the passenger’s window had been smashed out and her purse, which was under the front seat, missing, according to police. The woman had been notified that someone attempted to use her credit card in Oakwood Village at 11:16 a.m. However, the purchases were declined, according to police. The woman’s wedding band and watch were also in the purse, according to police. 


Aggravated Robbery/Shoplifting/Complicity/Possession Of Criminal Tools

Men stopped attempting to take $1,800 in electronics: Police were called to a Macedonia Commons business on November 5, around 5:30 p.m. after employees believed one of three men who allegedly shoplifted from the store had a gun. The men had left the store in an unknown direction when police arrived. According to an employee, one of the men asked to look

at a TV streaming device, which was locked up in the electronics section of the store. After the device was unlocked the men surrounded the employee and showed him what appeared to be the handle of a gun, according to police. The men began removing as many “ devices as they could,” according to police. While the men removed the items, the employee ran to tell his manager, according to police. Then men filled up a shopping cart with the streaming devices, according to police. 

One employee told police the items were placed in a large trash bag by the men. As an employee attempted to stop one of the men, the man pulled a can of liquid string and sprayed the employee. However, the employee was able to recover the bag. Other items also were recovered. Police reviewed the surveillance video. The men were described as black. One of the men wore a black hoodie. Another man was wearing glasses and a gray jumpsuit. The third man wore a black “puffer” jacket and hat with black jeans. Employees recovered the items which totaled $1,889, according to police. Police searched Flock camera footage and identified the vehicle used by the men. Police are investigating. 

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