Signs Your Fence Is in Need of a Replacement

Many of us dream of owning a home that has a beautiful appearance with manicured lawns and stunning exterior details. However, many of us know that owning a home you can be proud of requires consistent and significant work. Our homes take on daily wear and tear that we might not notice as we see it every day. One of these areas is the fence that borders our home, which is why you should know about the signs it’s in need of a replacement.

Rotting Wood

Even though wood is a sturdy material that can last for years to come, it’s not entirely indestructible. Its kryptonite is none other than the many elements it must withstand. You might have noticed your fence developing a gray, yellow growth, indicating your wood is rotting. Wood rot can cause significant damage to your fence, rendering it completely inoperable. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to rectify the situation other than replacing your fence entirely.

You Don’t Feel Safe

One of the main purposes of having a residential fence is to improve your home’s safety. That’s why if you no longer feel as secure with that promised safeguard around your house, then that’s a surefire sign it’s time to replace your fence.

You might not feel safe due to a variety of reasons. For example, the locks on your fence might wear away and become easy to break. Moreover, you might have noticed that your fence doesn’t stand as tall as you’d like it to, as taller fences tend to be harder for burglars to climb.

Constant Repairs

Does it feel like you are constantly calling your repairman to tweak or fix something relating to your fence? When this starts occurring, it’s much like trying to stop a sinking boat. In that case, you might as well pour your money down the drain as you are spending more on your old fence than it’s worth. That’s why you might consider a full replacement of your fence, as that ensures you won’t need to do unnecessary repairs anytime soon.

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