How To Decide if You’re Ready To Sell Your Boat

Owning a boat is a big responsibility, but also an unparalleled joy. People of all ages love getting out on the water in their own boat, but despite this, some make life changes as they age that can affect their boat ownership. If you’re considering making a change and selling your boat to embrace something new, keep reading to learn some questions you could ask to help you decide if you’re ready to sell your boat.

Do You Still Feel Comfortable Steering?

Every individual’s eyesight and fine motor skills can change as they age. Because of this, many seniors decide they no longer feel comfortable driving a car. This means they may also feel uncomfortable steering a boat. If you notice this discomfort in yourself, then it may be time to sell your boat to someone who can still safely and comfortably captain it.

Can You Still Afford Your Boat?

Many people plan and save for retirement; some of these plans and savings could include large purchases, such as boats and boat maintenance. However, it is possible to make a large purchase only to realize later that the boat and its upkeep needs are more than you anticipated. If you feel that your boat is more work than it’s worth, there’s nothing wrong with selling your vessel.

Are You Using Your Boat Often?

Your lifestyle will likely change as you move into retirement. Maybe you used your boat a lot when you had children at home, but now they’ve moved out and you don’t use it as much. Or perhaps you used to live close to the water, but you moved near family who live elsewhere upon retirement. Whatever the case may be, you might not use your boat as often as you once did. While you could keep it for family gatherings or water vacations, you may want to consider selling it since you’re not getting enough use out of it for the maintenance costs to be worthwhile.

Are You Ready for a Change?

Sometimes, you’re just ready for a change. You might want to move away from the water, or you’d like a lump sum of money to put toward a different purchase, or you simply want to upgrade your boat. Whatever the reason behind the change, selling your boat can help you achieve your goal. You can work with a broker to sell your yacht or other marine vessel and move away unencumbered, get a great price, or start shopping for a better boat.

Asking yourself these questions, as well as related questions about your health, finances, and lifestyle, can help you decide if you’re ready to sell your boat. While it’s never an easy decision, these questions can help you reflect on your lifestyle and make the best decision possible.

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